Research report on Project Finance: Project Finance in Ghana



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Research report on Project Finance: Project Finance in Ghana

The course work is based on student’s choice, but has to be related to project finance and its aspects. The coursework is to be 5,000 words (not including any annexes), written in Word with double line spacing.


You may choose any of the following topics to write a 5,000 word research report on Project Finance. You are free to choose a subject for your analysis and originality is highly valued, but some examples include: 1 Legal and financial structures for project finance and associated costs and barriers in a country of your choice. 2 Analysis of the risks to a Project Developer in a Term Sheet, or a Power Purchase Agreement, or a Support Agreement, or an EPC Contract and proposed legal instruments to mitigate the risks. 3 Comparison and analysis of investors’ protection in project finance under UK and another jurisdiction, using relevant case laws and legislations. 4. Answer the following question using relevant legislation and case law: “Project finance deals usually require some form of Governmental support. What Governmental or Legislature actions create better environment for project finance?” 5. Please before you start send me A topic of your choice so that I ask for my instructor approval

For the topic to be approved, you may submit to the instructor a proposed title, outline of topics and literature review by email no later than 6PM, 15th of February. Approval of the title and outline will be in the form of an email by the instructor to your email address. Reports submitted without prior approval of the proposed title, outline and literature review will receive a fail mark.

Which you may use are limited to: • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft Powerpoint Word Limit The 5,000 word limit does not apply to appendices, references and bibliography



Paper Title Research report on Project Finance: Project Finance in Ghana
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Project Finance in Ghana

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Gxxxxxxnment Legislation xxxxxx Law xxxxxx Project Finance in Ghana

The title xxxxxxed is guided by xxxxxx following subject of analysis:

Question 4

Answering xxxxxx relating question xxxxxx relevant legislation xxxxxx case law: “Project finance deals xxxxxx require xxxxxxxxxxxxm of Gxxxxxxnmental support. What Gxxxxxxnmental or Legislature actions create a better environment xxxxxx project finance?”

Project Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Gxxxxxxnment policies xxxxxx xxxxxx legislations on different aspects of project finance
  3. Project Finance defined:
  4. Long-term indusxxxxxx xxxxxx infrastructural projects
  5. The rexxxxxxments of xxxxxx project financing
  6. Special characteristics of xxxxxx project finance
  7. The capacity xxxxxx supply of xxxxxx finance projects
  8. Research Question
  9. What xxxxxx of gxxxxxxnmental xxxxxx legislative actions creates better xxxxxx conducive environment in undertaking project finance?
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